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Tempura Vegetables

MAKES: 4-5 servings



Tempura batter

◘ 1C Casalare Tempura Flour

◘ 4/5C (170-200ml) water 

◘ Spiral Organic Sunflower Oil (enough to shallow fry)

◘ Spiral Japanese Toasted Sesame Oil (about 1 Tbsp added to the sunflower oil)


**Beer or soda water can be used instead of water. For a better taste, add an egg yolk.



◘ Pumpkin, zucchini, sweet potato, potato (sliced into 5-7mm rounds)

◘ Broccoli (cut into florets)

◘ Mushrooms (sliced into 7mm rounds)

◘ Asparagus (cut in half or quartered)

◘ Green beans (trimmed)

◘ Mixture of shredded carrot and sliced onion

◘ Prawns (deveined & shelled - for larger prawns be sure to score the belly slightly) 

◘ White meat fish fillets (cut into bite sized pieces)

◘ Fruits such as bananas or apples (sliced into 5-7mm rounds)


1. In a mixing bowl, place the flour and water and mix until combined. If the batter is too thick, add a little more water. If it's too thin, add some more tempura flour.

2. Heat the oil in a pot, for vegetables/fruits, the oil temperature should be 170C. For prawn/fish the temperature should be 180-185C. 

3. Add meats and vegetables to the batter mixture and coat evenly. 

4. Remove excess batter then using a slotted spoon/tongs/chopsticks add into the hot oil.


5. Flip the vegetables and turn as required until the batter becomes golden brown and crispy.


6. Remove from oil and drain on some paper towels. Season with salt. 

For an optional dipping sauce – mix together mayonnaise and some Spiral Karashi Mustard. ​


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