Tempura Batter

Serves 4


In a mixing bowl, place flour and

liquid: tap water, beer, soda water,

egg or water. Mix with a fork until the

batter is just combined. If the batter

is too thick, add liquid; if too thin,

add extra tempura flour.

Heat the oil in a pot. 170C for

Vegetables & Fruits. 185C for Meat &


Coat 6-8 pieces of Meat or Vegetable

in the batter.

Remove the excess batter and using

a slotted spoon, or chopsticks, add

to the hot oil. Place into the pot just

below the surface of the oil. Deep fry

on both sides until cooked and batter

is crispy. Remove and drain the oil

on kitchen paper. Enjoy with dipping

sauces (see recipe).


Plain Batter

1C (160g) tempura flour

4/5C (170-200ml) cold water (tap water)

Beer Batter

1C (160g) tempura flour

4/5C (170-200ml) beer

Soda water Batter

1C (160g) tempura flour

4/5C (170-200ml) soda water

Egg Batter

1C (160g) tempura flour

1egg (50g, beaten, not whipped) and 3/5C

(130-150ml) cold water to become 170-200ml in

total** when using only egg yolk, add cold water to become 200ml in total



Vegetables & Fruit

Sliced Pumpkin, Zucchini, Sweet Potato, Potato

– sliced 5-7mm thickness; Broccoli- cut into

flowerets; Mushroom, Asparagus - peel bottom &

cut into 1/3-half; Green beans; Shredded Carrot &

Sliced Onion; Banana, Apple


Prawns, deveined, peeled; Meat; Fish Fillets

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